PigBangbang,20.6 X 15.1 Inch,Wooden Large Size – Lavender Flowers Oil Paintig – 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


  • Size:52.5*38.5cm /20.6 X 15 inch; Materials:Made of premium basswood; Include:300 piece(Use 520 pieces box); Weight:about 0.75KG/1.5 LB;
  • The a,b,c…. behind the jigsaw puzzle for easy sorting. – The picture is printed on the box, which is convenient for reference.
  • White powder(gluewater): powder add water, mixing ratio -1:10.there will be lumps,Waiting for 12 hours until the lump dissolve.
  • Promise:If some pieces are lost,can free ship missing piece again. – Can customize the jigsaw,Contact email-Pigbangbang@outlook.com.
  • Delivery Time:It usually take about 7-17 business days after it ship. There is only one option for Amazon – “17-28 days”. So you will find the Estimated Delivery Date too long. In fact it is not ture. Most of our customers receive their package in 7 – 10 business days.