BonZeal Digital White Clock


Height x Width 160 mm x 160 mm
3 Months
Cash On Delivery available?

10 Days Replacement Policy?

BonZeal (3.9)
The gong come from ancient of the china, it benefit the ancestor of Chinese, also it develop the culture of Chinese. With its spirit in the modern society, it remind us that time is treasure, don’t waste the time and catch your choice to create your new life. And this clock will wake you up with a sound that can’t be ignored. The people who sleep heavily, this gong-beater swings his hammer to strike the gong and sound the alarm.This novelty digital alarm clock has a useful snooze function, back light and easy-to-read display and is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of morning clarity!The man swings and hits the gong 3 times to produce loud gong sounds… no one will sleep under this situation until he/she dismiss the close button.