Ayurveda Essentials 100% Natural Kokum Butter (2 kg)


Organic Type: Natural
Formulated For: Men, Women
Applied on Under Eye, Body, All, Neck, Face
Cream Form
Suitable For Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Delicate Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types
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Benefits of Kokum Butter for Hair 1. Kokum Butter is non-comedogenic. It does not clog pores. So you can apply it all over your scalp to feed your hair the rich essential oils in the butter without any worry of clogged hair follicles. It helps cells oxygenation and makes the nutrients more readily available to the hair and thereby promotes hair growth. 2. Kokum Butter can also be used as a hair conditioner. Simply rub some between your fingers and smooth it on your hair after your final rinse to get softer and more manageable hair. 3. Applying Kokum Butter mixed with oils during an oil massage strengthens the hair from the roots and wards off hair breakage.benefits of Kokum Butter.

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